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Analyser Solutions

4Biocell offers biochemistry analyzers for the easy & fast determination of substrates, metabolites and products in your cell culture and fermentation samples.

We have a portfolio of three analyzers different in size and throughput to find the perfect solution for your laboratory. From entry level to high-efficient all analyzers match between simplicity and innovation, all with high standards of quality.


  • Low sample volume
  • Low calibration frequency
  • Low maintenance
  • High accuracy
  • High reproducibility
  • High efficiency

Cell Counter Solutions

We proudly present our newest development:

the first FULLY AUTOMATED CELLCOUNTER based on image recognition.

It is combining the long-known, reliable and well-established trypan blue dye exclusion method with never seen before technical features and innovations.


  • on-board dilution up to 1:10
  • vibration and shock resistant
  • low sample volume – 100 µL
  • duplicate measurement
  • re-run option
  • alternative dye possible