Analyser Solutions

Faster, Stronger, Better

Our 4BioCombine analyzer is combining high-throughput application with the small footprint of a benchtop size.

It is the perfect solution for laboratories with a high number of daily samples and designed to increase performance in your laboratory.


  • up to 300 tests/h
  • two separate, refrigerated reagent carousels
  • doubling number of sample arms
  • cuvette washing unit
  • dimensions: 62x85x49 cm


The 4BioCore is our smallest, lightest & most affordable analyzer.

This entry-level system is the perfect choice for small laboratories with high standards of quality.

  • up to 150 tests/h
  • refrigerated samples & reagents carousel
  • semi-disposable cuvettes
  • dimensions: 60x38x40 cm


The 4BioCompact is especially suited for medium and small size laboratories.

This analyzer offers fast and precise monitoring of your processes where space is limited and flexibility is required.

  • up to 200 tests/h
  • refrigerated reagent carousel
  • cuvette washing unit
  • dimensions: 40x62x49 cm


In combination with our optimized 4Bio Reagents you are able to determine a high variety of parameters to monitor your upstream process – in a fast and reliable way. We offer a range of assays with outstanding performance for everyday routine & special parameters.