March 2020 – Support During COVID-19 Outbreak (4/23/2020) by Lisa Burkhardt - The situation around the corona virus is getting worse worldwide. We still offer you the usual support and are available for you via phone and mail during business hours. 4BioCell takes the risks of the spreading Covid-19 epidemic seriously and we have taken all measures to comply with the recommendations of health authorities to protect our employees. Our technicians will continue to work for you in compliance with strict hygiene regulations. We wish our customers, business partners, suppliers and their families all the best. We would like to express our thanks to the many heroes like healthcare workers, food retailers…
September 2019 – BioProcess International Boston (10/8/2019) by Lisa Burkhardt - We had a great time at BioProcess International in Boston, where we presented our new 4Bio CellCount Pro for the first time to the US market. We accompanied our US Sales Company Innovative Biotech represented by Mr Alan Opper at their booth. A demo unit of our new cell counting device is now available in the US! Book your demo with Innovative Biotech now!
July 2019 – Visit in Taiwan & China (10/7/2019) by Lisa Burkhardt - We think that a good relationship to our distributors is very important! Our Product Manager Lisa Burkhardt visited our distribution partner Cold Spring Biotech in Taiwan and China and accompanied them on customer visits, installation of our biochemistry analyser 4Bio Compact and met the colleagues in the Headquarter. On her tour, she made a stop in Taipeh, Shanghai and Hangzhou and had a great time. Find your distributor here!
June 2019 – Bio Processing Factory Aachen (10/7/2019) by Lisa Burkhardt - We are an official partner of the Ferm-Factory Project in RWTH Aachen. "The FermFactory builds on a network of competent facilities and partners in the field of science." Goals of the Ferm-Factory: Creating a link between science and industry Giving impulses in the field of applied bioprocess technology Presentation of process-relevant aspects in practically oriented workshops Showcasing new applications based on application examples out of the industry We enjoyed the first event BioProcessing Factory very much. All kind of devices, sensors and fermenters from different suppliers including our 4Bio Compact were used in a 2-day workshop to perform a fermentation…
May 2019 – ESACT Meeting Copenhagen (10/7/2019) by Lisa Burkhardt - We had a blast at this year’s ESACT Meeting in Copenhagen. With our exhibition equipment and our newest development – the 4Bio CellCount Pro, we drove from Bielefeld to Copenhagen by car and enjoyed the nice break on the ferry from Puttgarden/Germany to Rodby/Denmark. ESACT is an event of high scientific value – with interesting speeches and posters as well as great networking events and well-organized sightseeing activities. We are looking forward to ESACT 2021 in Lissabon!
April 2019 – Bio Process International Vienna (10/7/2019) by Lisa Burkhardt - Our first trade show this year was BPI in Vienna where we presented our newest development 4Bio CellCount Pro for the first time. We had a great time in Vienna and also enjoyed a piece of famous Sacher Cake in our free time. Book your demo trial for the 4Bio CellCount Pro now!